only genius is genius
by christopher dante romano

“The fact of the matter is, though technology is allowing everyone to do more, it's not necessarily making any of us better at it. We're just more obvious...”

tv's lost technology
by frank beacham

“As a child of the '60s, I grew up with the simple, naive belief that the power of television could—and would—be eventually used to make the world a better place.”

the media reflection
by kimberly may maurice

“Our post-modern, early 21st Century attitude has caused a downfall in the internal structure of our society, and I'm not talking about buildings.”

technology rules: internet or betamax?
by jared mitchell

“Fedex was so chuffed with the prospects for this hybrid of paper and electronic transmission, it planned a $1.2- billion (U.S.) outlay over 10 years for equipment. But just two years and $340 million later, Fedex zapped Zapmail.”

a brief memory of the early days
by norman gates

“What next, we wondered? Of course, the answer was clear: cyber sex.”


human. all-too-damn-human.
by charles hageman frey

“I love technology. I love computers, email, fax machines, automatic car washes, ATMs. I love that when I call the electric company I never hear a live human voice. However, it is screwing me.”

further blurring of the boundaries between real, unreal and surreal: online roleplaying games
by john shirley

“You've had a hard day lying and distorting for your clients. You're one tired lawyer. You don't want to think about briefs and torts and irritable judges and missed filing deadlines.”

by juli strader

“To walk down the runway, pose for the paparazzi, turn around and exit the stage isn't rocket science, nor is it in anyway glamorous for that matter. Models can easily be replaced by computer-generated images.”

the real y2k bug
by john wesley

“the real party is one where twelve thousand aesthetically pleasing extras gather at a massive parking lot to watch eight girls in hot-pants dance in synchronization.”


exploring electronic consciousness
by robert f. delamar

“Amidst the neon and the electric signs, I sighed, and returned my attention to the next hit from my CD player.”

intelligence and consciousness in the new age
by jim pinto

“Evolution is survival of the fittest. Homo sapiens with a tool survived, while the equivalent, sans tool, did not.”

god bless america
by jonathan schildbach

“It was the advertisers of my great nation that helped me get back in touch with my inner smart-ass—that voice that complains too much about too little.”

velma dinkley: girl archetype?
by jennifer amey

“Look around you and count how many young women you see wearing Velma's chunky glasses and ubiquitous orange turtleneck.”


eternal? perception
by chris jenkins

“Probably the most volatile of these perceptions is our understanding of God. This perception has divided more people since the beginning of time than any other.”

women and children first! (on the environmental mindset)
by darren c. anderson

“The basic point I am making here is that species have developed ingenious means in order to ensure their survival, or rather, their genetic survival. It is an inherent trait, hardwired into every living thing. Women and children first!”

terrorism: terror or tease?
by brian scates

“Aside from the realization of one more unnecessary (or grossly over-funded) government program, what concerns me more is the increased government surveillance and loss of privacy.”

a nation of addicts
by g.j. lau

“It is much simpler for the politicians to send a billion dollars to Colombia so they can burn coca crops. It is much simpler for the politicians to blame OPEC for pumping up the price at the pump.”



the invisible interior of artistic humanity
by max podstolski

“…why dwell on artists anyway? What makes them so special compared to 'ordinary' humans?”

sex: technology's trojan horse (a response to bill joy's "why the future doesn't need us")
by thomas j. sanders

“I wish to issue a warning concerning the real route our machines will take to manage their complete merger with mankind. I think it is likely to be a merger rather than an annihilation.”

somebody somewhere thinks you're a s--t
by peter bennett

“Now, when one receives a jar of dried kangaroo excrement in the mail what should one do? What's the protocol?”

bladerunner™ - business
by jacob ørsted nielsen

“The blackness of the future. The whiteness of the past. The gray scale of the moment.”


photo collage: juli strader