dead or alive: a paranoid skeptic's predictions in the post-post-9/11 world
by kelly blidook

“One can see how the logic goes. There certainly was little danger in the feds allowing a little terrorist attack to take place, and the benefits were obvious from day one.”


lasting relationships
by deep inder

“Beauty and sex may seem important to begin with but looks never last a lifetime and sex loses its importance as the years go by. If sex was as important as it is made out, male prostitutes would have been much more common and female hookers in great demand for a walk down the aisle.”


death deals an even hand…
by suffian abdul rahman

“I felt like I had sailed right off the edge of the world, into an abyss of desolation and emotional blankness; the pain was not only absolute, it also held me together, for a while.”

turning a new loaf
by juli strader

“On any given day I can walk a mile in Manolos, gracefully endure a bikini wax and find the last size 4 on any sale rack. But I feel like I finally crossed an elusive frontier into womanhood this time, proudly displaying a loaf of rosemary-olive bread.”


behind the scenes, it's the israelis and saudis
by tommy ates

“The longer Sharon's will is bent towards non-cooperation with Arafat; nothing in the Mideast (or with Israel and Palestine) will change.”



on martin creed's the lights going on and off
by max podstolski

“Going on and off is so much a part of everything that we forget to see it, until someone like Creed makes someone like me see it anew.”


photo: joshua dunford.
(magnum opus: great work, the most important work of an artist, writer)