please accept me as art
by brian scates

“Much like photography in the mid 19th century, "photoshoppers," or digital artists, are having a difficult time gaining acceptance in the mainstream/traditional art world.”


creeping criminality
by jim pinto

“Our society stimulates smart. Individual progress is measured by steadily increasing wealth and the symbols of success. The bright and successful are envied and admired.”

head vs. heart: a critique of the stuckist manifesto
by max podstolski

“I have sometimes thought that what the contemporary art world needs is a new art movement manifesto, to challenge and subvert the vacuous dominance of postmodernism in the late 20th / early 21st century.”

economics and morality on a personal note
by frank s. palmisano III

“After watching the Washington political machine get away with it for so many years, one begins to feel like the younger brother in an anti-smoking commercial who finds his big brother whom he's always admired smoking, and rather than condemn him, asks for a cigarette himself.”



what childrent want
by ira nayman

“To give the devil his due, films like The Lion King (and, I would argue, Bambi before it) treat the important subject of life and death with the gravity it deserves.”

chivalry at the academy awards… oscar opens the door for women of color and other minorities
by simon remark

“Now some cynics may postulate that the Academy picked both Berry and Washington so they could pat themselves on the back for making history, but in my opinion this was not the case. For a change, the Academy actually honored the most deserving nominees.”


photo: joshua dunford. brandon thiessen's work appears courtesy of the tracey lawrence gallery (vancouver, b.c.)