the olympic games should happen nowhere or everywhere
by andy miah and beatriz garcia

“The opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, for both summer and winter, brings in viewers in the billions and is argued by many to be largest scheduled media event that has ever been and will ever be…However, Salt Lake is one of the last occasions where this will be the case.”


the lure of the lifestyle
by jim pinto

“We stopped at one particularly imposing custom-home still under construction, wondering about the future occupants. Where did this wealth come from?”

connective inter.face—archite[x]tures
by a lab[au]

“The stimulations caused by information technologies are described in McLuhan's "hot and cool media". Introducing the stimulation of our nervous system as a parameter of the qualification of a media / technology determines their participative potential.”

i shall burn you in the name of god: (thoughts on this bloody spring in gujarat, india)
by rajesh k. sharma

“What kind of man is he who stabs and burns people in the name of God? Does he have a genuine religious consciousness? Is it really the crusader's blind passion impelling him?”

nuclear policy will worry both friends and enemies
by tommy ates

“It is the apparent willingness of Bush to steer the United States away from a Clinton-derived, coalition-driven, foreign policy … that may jeopardize the strategic self-interests of the U.S.”



superbad, by Ben Greenman
by derek jenkins

“What sets Greenman apart from the McRobots is his ability to create characters that shine through all his experimental gimmickry.”

todd solondz takes on his critics
by ira nayman

“Todd Solondz wants you to understand the process of storytelling, so he has made a film about it, called Storytelling.”

photo: joshua dunford