hollywood—geniuses need not apply
by ira nayman

“At the same time as Americans downplay intelligence, they venerate physical prowess, as incarnated in sports heroes.”

judge judy's court: a satire
by viki reed

“JUDGE JUDY: Oh, it's EXACTLY like that. You, Mrs. Kirkorian have some nerve calling yourself either a wife or a mother.”


black land loss (a hidden tragedy)
by tommy ates

“Saying goodbye to the old family farm is always sad; but losing it through coercion or threat of violence is simply criminal.”

a quintessential gentleman
by rajesh k. sharma

“From what I had heard about him from my uncle and his friends, he was a giant in a frail frame, a man of enormous erudition and great taste. Merely hearing about him had addicted me to the dictionary, the atlas and the encyclopedia; later, my acquaintance with him was to author, in an inevitable way, my relationship with books and the destiny of my reading. He was a pure lover of books, a free spirit. I do not know if he wrote anything, but his brief, occasional letters revealed a Johnsonian care for English.”

crony capitalism— electronic consciousness is the antidote
by jim pinto

“Our modern society is hooked on growth, an addiction that is difficult to cure. The old maxim that "hard work generates success" somehow got lost along the way and was replaced by 'work smarter, not harder'.”



brenda laurel, utopian entrepreneur: a book review
by rita lauria

“For those of us who work transdisciplinarily, Brenda Laurel's proffered concept of transmedia in her new Utopian Entrepreneur seems natural and familiar.”

city and country
by john fraim

“The modern city, representing all that shimmers just out of our reach, all the glittering arrogance and harlotry of the West, has found its icon in the Manhattan skyline.”

photo: joshua dunford