thanks for all the fish
by ira nayman

“The addition of food vendors and games areas is an attempt to make cinemas 'entertainment destinations' rather than simply places to see films.”

geraldo goes to kabul
by viki reed

“Geraldo Rivera…made a huge boo-boo on December 6th while filling airtime with his 'frontline' stories about the American War Against Terrorism in Afghanistan.”


diogenes' jar
by deep inder

“It is only a few days back that I was converted and realized that the U.S. is simply not worth emulating or even visiting for a day.”

we are not in the promised land
by tommy ates

“If the future of transportation security means racial profiling, it is naïve folly to think that such procedures will not have a lasting effect in the general populace.”

a lone player: thoughts from a suspected misanthrope
by eddy elmer

“[B]eing a 'team player'is, at best, a lofty, ill-defined ideal that, in the wrong hands, may do more harm than good to industry, efficiency, and creativity.”

work, play and romance in the new age neighborhood
by jim pinto

“[T]he removal of travel and communications restraints in the new age redefines the neighborhood, workplace and playground.”



gossip stinks: a satire
by art kasmz

“President Bush added his signature to the Gossip Stinks Manifesto initiated by Rabbi Irwin Katsof, executive director of”

photo: joshua dunford