gender swapping on the internet
by tiffany n. thetard

“Many years ago I logged onto America Online chat and came across a screen that asked me to disclose information such as gender, age, job, and more.”


21st century prognostications
by jim pinto

“The first year of the new century and millennium has come and gone. On the surface, the world continues to turn, but there are significant changes and differences everywhere."

therapy 101
by neilia sherman

“We don't need therapists to tell us the answers; they are all locked somewhere within.”

a small victory
by darren c. anderson

“The locals decided that Canada had enough generic towns that lacked culture, community, identity and diversity.”

thin values: what size are you really?
by k. m. maurice

“Women are all searching for, or to become, the ideal woman. But there is no such thing.”

all fairness in treaty referendum
by k. jordan

“Consequences of colonialism on First Nations peoples have been devastating from the start. It is a story of loss.”

welcome the revolution. anyone got a screwdriver?
by raikes hodson

“A false economy looms. The organisation needs to ask itself if the benefit of the new IT systems to their function and customers outweighs the problems they are heading for?”



blame canada
by ira nayman

““America is under attack. Not from Osama bin Laden, but from our peaceful neighbours to the north.” (Joel Joseph, chair, Made in the USA Foundation)”

artfutura—12 years later and out of real-time.
by andy miah

“ART FUTURA tries to anticipate the future of art associated to the new technologies.”

photo: aaron jamison