islam as medium cool?
by john fraim

“Is the hot medium of information-saturated western symbols against the cool medium of low information Islam?”

virtual humanity
by rajesh k. sharma

“The game of the merchants of justice and Godhead has just begun. You can see the whole of Kabul on your TV screen. It is sparkling.”


peacocks & gentlemen
by deep inder

“Centuries, perhaps millennia, passed and then some smart man somewhere in India thought of a novel way to bring some colour into the drab lives of men."

cross over profiteering
by viki reed

“Recently John Edward declared he would talk to the victims of the World Trade Center disaster.”

god bless america (TM)
by jonathan schildbach

“It was the advertisers of my great nation that helped me get back in touch with my inner smart-ass—that voice that complains too much about too little.”

soft solutions for hard problems
by jim pinto

“Unbridled, self-interested capitalism simply makes the rich richer; in the closely interconnected global village of a new century we must recognize that perhaps it is equally important to make the poor less poor.”

the dark side of patriotism
by robert marcom

“Should there be concern about this comment coming from a man who holds Christian prayer meetings in his federal offices and who hates liberal values with an extreme passion?”

left side of hollywood
by ira nayman

“It's a critique of the way laissez-faire capitalism has developed in the last 20 years. These are the sorts of films that make conservatives think there is a liberal bias in Hollywood.”



generation speaking
by jonathan mander

“It would be nice to get acquainted with 'my generation'. I wonder—would I identify with it? Does it have a phone number?”

it's a conspiracy: a short story
by art kasmz

“Dan and Denise had just one daughter, Mary. At 33, Mary was an activist Jesuit nun in Guatemala. Mary grew up guilty hearing her Mom and Dad's '60s love-war story replayed.”