virtual visiting for the holidays
by jim pinto

“Soon, traditional holiday get-togethers will become virtual visits. Big-screen TVs will be placed right next to the dinner table for all the loved ones to sit down together at the same virtual dinner to eat, drink and be merry.”


conspiratorial smoke from september 11th
by john shirley

“Conspiracy theories sometimes help conspirators get their way. Only not the conspirators the theorists had in mind…”

safe sex on the internet:
by andy miah

“For some shrewder porn sites, times have changed. The strategies are now much more creative, bordering on the intelligent, and are much more persuasive to trapping the unaware academic into webs from which it is impossible to escape.”

re: liz smith
by viki reed

“Smith says she 'regrets that she doesn't have all the answers' in response to general queries as to why interest in 'gossip' has waned. There are about 6,000 to 7,000 reasons actually.”

film fax: the picture degrades with successive copies...
by ira nayman

“Hollywood films are star-driven; scripts are often shaped to fit the talents of the actors who play in (and who generate audiences for) them. When such talents are—ahem—limited, this necessarily limits the quality of the film.”

putting symbols into battle
by john fraim

“The irony, paradox and power of ancient symbols finds contemporary
expression in America.”

a subway moment
by juli strader

“Canada is a peaceful nation proud of its multicultural character. But a week after the September 11th call to arms, I experienced a moment too close to the fire.”



somebody somewhere thinks you're a s—t
by peter bennett

“Now, when one receives a jar of dried kangaroo excrement in the mail what should one do? What's the protocol?”

springboard new york
by jonathan mander

“I have no idea if anyone in the U.S. knows about The Strokes, but these five guys from New York City have taken Europe's music fans by storm.”