from within: dissecting the alien subconscious
by natasha lomas

“For me, the shocking power of a film like Alien stems from an understanding that horror originates and exists in a darkness of the mind, a place where we find we are aliens to ourselves.”

gambling alone
by john fraim

“One of the key reasons for America's declining sociability is the rise of that
electric "friendly persuader" of American homes called television.”


human. all-too-damn-human.
by charles hageman frey

“I love technology. I love computers, email, fax machines, automatic car washes, ATMs. I love that when I call the electric company I never hear a live human voice. However, it is screwing me.”

beware of geeks bearing gifts
by don r. barbera

“In dealing with corporate America it is prudent to keep your eyes on the magicians of industry and always to beware of geeks bearing gifts.”

nine-eleven: the day america learned to fear
by robert marcom

“But, the enemies of Western culture have repeated a terrible mistake. They join a long list of those who underestimate Western strengths like focus, purpose, determination, and creative response.”

here comes the judge or what would jesus do?
by juan-jose pichardo

“Hard and bloodthirsty, our proactive citizenry has protested Tuesday's cowardice by harassing every brownie within striking distance.”

the true north strong: a call for leadership
by kelly blidook

“Mr. Bush cannot be faulted for his omission—Canada has become forgettable.”

welcome to hell
by jonathan c. schildbach

“George Bernard Shaw pointed out that it's easy to convert the hungry with a Bible in one hand and a loaf of bread in the other, but that they are probably thinking of their hunger more than their eternal souls.”



a bachelor stripped bare, even, grasping desert(ed) signs
by max podstolski

“Max Podstolski, held an exhibition of 'strip' paintings in Perth recently. This article is a personal reflection on his art.”

in video veritas
by ira nayman

“Anybody can make a short video. This is the message of the On the Fly video festival.”