not the masterpiece it should have been
by ira nayman

“It's been a long time since I saw a film at such odds with itself.”


by michael cook

“We're driving after dark, under overcast skies, only able to see in a short, narrow cone lit by the car's headlights. Occasionally, and without warning, the frigid glow of soft drink vending machines stabs through…”

christianity UPC
by michelle godwin and brian scates

“We write about it in books, produce it on CD's, paint it on inspirational plaques, and stitch it onto bracelets.”

tubie: small can be big
by juli strader

“Events these days are planned on a larger-than-life scale. Nothing is better at making a spectacle bigger than its previous production.”

getting polled
by art kasmz

“…. the following week I started noticing changes in her tone, which made me skeptical about the scientific validity of polls and statistics in general.”

the memories or keep hope alive?
by juan-jose pichardo

“Too patriotic to draft-dodge, my dad paid severely for his ill placed loyalties. It was 1967.”


conceptual art sucks
by curt cloninger

“I figured it was about time I write an article explaining why conceptual art sucks, since every time I encounter conceptual art, I start to twitch.”

john roberson: an interview, part one
by austin english

“For those interested in cartooning, and the motivations of cartoonists, here begins a serialized interview with Mr. Roberson.”