identity within the virtual community
by vincent gaunt

"The technological era is upon us. It is no longer the information revolution, nor the age of media transcription...In this era one either has
it or doesn't."


a capital question?
by viki reed

"There are monsters among us who are beyond redemption. They are truly insane and evil. There are people whose acts are so brutal, atrocious and vile they don't deserve so much as a trial...They should die."

the black hole
by brian scates

"Maybe all those people who say violence on TV numbs us to it are right. Was I numb? Was there just nothing I could do?"

the civilizing effect of the crime drop
by iain murray

"Is the U.S. a safer country than it was a year ago? In late May, the answer appeared to be "no," when the FBI released figures for the number of crimes recorded by police across the United States in 2000."

the long birth of psychohistory
by john fraim

"Welcome to the discipline of psychohistory, a discipline that concerns itself with collective psychology, a field that, surprisingly, has never garnered much interest in both popular culture and the academic world."

the true north strong: the single party system
by kelly blidook

"In any good game of chess, there is true competition; a give and take—tit for tat—that ultimately leads to a slightly stronger tat overtaking the slightly weaker tit."


the cute one: a eulogy for joey ramone
by juan-jose pichardo

"Joey Ramone died on April 15, 2001, in a world where the bloated, boring, blonde-and-blue-eyed records he and his colleagues flipped-off are more popular than Peter Frampton could ever have imagined."

my bare essentials
by juli strader

"Growing up in a conservative town with traditional church going mentors, I learned to hide my body. I hid it from so-called guilty pleasures, from boys and from myself."