peace, love, understanding and communications technology
by ira nayman

"I was talking to a co-worker, a young computer programmer, who said that he was excited to be working in this field because he hoped to be able to develop a programme which would help people communicate with each other."

electric place: the economics and politics of a local internet
by john fraim

"The Internet's original 'home' was in local communities like Berkeley, Palo Alto, and Westwood Village. Yet since leaving 'home' a number of years ago to seek fame and fortune in the big world of cyberspace, it's been difficult for the Internet to return home to its local roots."


a temporary brain disturbance is all you need
by gail kavanagh

"I haven't been abducted by aliens yet, but it's only a matter of time before
my brain convinces me I have."

my momma told me...nothing
by viki reed

"Today I know the best lesson I can teach my daughter will be that you must teach your daughter about everything you know. My existence is proof of luck, not great brainwork."

yearning to be free
by jennifer amey

"The Internet seems to have actually managed to resist/throw off commercialism, for now at any rate, much as the original information-wants-to-be-free Usenet hippies hoped it would be."

where does charity begin? and end?
by jim pinto

"So, what exactly is charity? Is it an obligation, or does it stem from guilt? How much should I give and to who?"

hip-hop's political voice
by simon remark

"With all the corruption and injustice in our culture it's a shame more hip-hop artists aren't using their voices to raise awareness about important social and political matters."

notes on creativity in a digital age: thoughts and words on ones and zeroes
by stephen wacker

"Although we still use pencils, brushes, and musical instruments, our
artistic pursuits are becoming increasingly intertwined with the use of
digital technology."

by david ball

"Art is also captured digitally now, transcending prior mediums and becoming fully interactive—another point for cultural expression."