along came george w
by john shirley

"When I was a kid, the movie The Fly, with Vincent Price, truly horrified me. Especially the part where the little half-fly/half-man was caught in a spider's web screaming, 'Help me, help meeeee!'as the spider crept closer."


beware the ball
by jonathan schildbach

"Those people I know who have an aversion to dodge ball seem to be much
better adjusted than I and several of my dodge ball cronies are."

the boston marathon
by paul edelman

"Running down the final stretch on Boylston Street is enough exhilaration to make you forget that you've forgotten you have legs. Saving the world ain't too bad either."

hungry for truth
by adrian selby

"I think all of us, to be able to believe in anything at all—moral codes, scientific truths—have compromised our scepticism."

the good intentioned hypocrite
by chris jenkins

" What a truly wondrous world it would be if we were all capable of actually living our everyday lives practicing what we preach."

of heroes and horrors
by robert marcom

"How will the human condition ever improve if we allow such weak excuses to hide and
cover despicable deeds?"

sex, cyber-sex and spirituality
by deep inder

"Virtual reality just proves the point Freud had made about repressed desires."

supermonster #12
by austin english

"Kevin Huizenga's Supermonster #12 is the best mini comic I have ever read…. If this is not the best mini comic ever, it comes very close, and if nothing else, deserves great attention in this "banner year for comics.""