a brief memory of the early days
by norman gates

"What next, we wondered? Of course, the answer was clear: cyber sex."

hunting children online
by eddy m. elmer

"The Internet is emerging as a tool that individuals with pedophilia can use to attract young children."


the global living project
by darren c anderson

"The Global Living Project is the brainchild of Jim Merkel, who founded the non-profit organization in 1996 after completing a study of resource use efficiency in Kerala, India."

i do not take this vow
by sarah jo sautter

"What a marriage should be is a covenant made between man and women of their intention of a life-long commitment to each other…"

bittersweet independence
by juli strader

"I am a single woman who adheres to the independent woman of the 21st century philosophy."

velma dinkley: girl archetype?
jennifer amey

"Look around you and count how many young women you see wearing Velma's chunky glasses and ubiquitous orange turtleneck."

the true north strong: evolution of a police state
by kelly blidook

"I became enraged when I considered how truly ignorant Canadians have become regarding the limitations of our own freedoms and democracy."

the first casualty
by marc v. mulay

"…When China awakes, it will shake the world" -Napoleon Bonaparte

what gets remembered: history as invented narrative
by priya thomas

"Theories regarding history as invented narrative have been controversial and much debated over the past decade."

book of lies
by austin english

"I've said that Bell gets better with each new book, but that hardly matters when the current type of work she does is excellent."