through the looking glass
by juli strader

"Through our television set the world is neighborly and unfamiliar, connected and removed, real and fictitious, but everything we see—whether celebrity or civilian—is no further then the reach of our remote control."

mobile homes
by buster truman

the bell tolls for snail mail? by robert marcom


the books we meet
by joe snyder

"When people decide to read a good book, an intelligent book, the truth is that while they may pick up the latest Michael Crichton, John Grisham, or Stephen King novel, they are not doing themselves justice."

the digital divide
by dean dalke

the shopping experience
by gail kavanagh

another few shootings: a message to the bullies
by viki reed

"As the 24-hour digital autopsy about the latest school shootings in California, Washington, and Massachusetts, continues, it seems like the media is finally finding what's closer to the truth in its attempt to command the ultimate answer to the question: "why?""

in the country of death
by rajesh k. sharma

again with the "relax we're all racists here" history lessons of a sort
by jonathan c. schildbach

"I was in one of those ultra-hip, overstuffed mall stores, checking out a "Mister T says stay in school" T-shirt. I asked my daughter if she thought I should get it. She said no."

getting rid of the baby with the bathwater
by stephen van esch

COMIX 2000: an entirely personal review
by austin english

"Perhaps what exhilarates me most about Comix 2000 is the fact that such a book can exist. It always amazes me that there are other people with the same enthusiasm and interest in comics as myself, so when a book comes along featuring cartoonists from all over the world, who all share the same knowledge and love for this odd little medium, it floors me."

two short poems
by dan lukiv

"the three most powerful..." by marc v. mulay